About Us

Financial Service Industry IT Solutions: LYNX devotes our R&D to financial IT service sector and aims to provide business operation software leveraged with our core technology for financial service institutions. We help customers establish and improve workflow system, E-banking system, banking security devices, business process outsourcing, credit card processing solution, risk and performance management system. LYNX presents product lines of secure equipment products based on security platform and secure terminal equipment product line based on payment platform. Our comprehensive POS line includes wired POS, wireless POS, telephone POS and radio frequency POS authorized by EMI, PCI and UnionPay. After a decade of working in the financial service industry, we help financial service institutions continually improve their abilities of centralizing business operations, re-engineering workflow process and operation procedure, as well as capacities of risk management, channel and customer relation management. Our financial IT products and services enable financial service institutions to focus on core business operation including marketing, management and risk management. We develop our forward-looking insight to innovate based on our deep industry experience and continuously learning attitudes led us to be the industry leader of the Nation.


Strategic Objective

Productivity, Professionalism, Globalization, Scalability

Product Strategic Objective

Develop own develop own-brand embedded software products to be the market leader with core technology and brand values through longtime accumulation and operational efficiencies.

Talent Objective

Achieve LYNX’s spirit of credibility, elegance, speed, collaboration, innovation, and continue to forge ahead.

Strategic Management Objective

Professional, Meticulous, Comprehensive, Innovative