CX30 Check Scanner

Key Benefits of the CX30:

  • Fast and Quiet Scanning
  • Ergonomically Designed for Today’s Office Environment
  • Dual Adaptive MICR Read
  • Multiple Image Capture
  • Print Before and/or After Imaging
  • Energy Efficient & Green Friendly
  • TS215 Software Compatibility
  • Supported by the DCC API

The CheXpress CX30 was designed for remote deposit applications for small
business and merchant usage, but also for use in lower volume teller applications. While continuing Digital Check’s track record of the highest image quality, MICR accuracy, and dependability found in every other DCC scanner, the CX30 brings all of those features in a more affordable offering for the business processing lower check volumes. Ideal for low volume application (less than 200 checks per day), the CX30 has the durability to process thousands of
checks per day as well.

Scanner Dimensions:

Height: 7”
Depth: 4”
Length: 9.5”
Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Paper Size: Up to UNI A6

Document Height: 2.12”–4.17” (54–106mm)
Document Length: 3.19”–8.97” (80–228mm)
Document Weight: 16–120 lb. bond (60-500 grams/sq. meters)(.09-.15mm thick)(.0035-.0059in thick)
Pass Through Mode: (.23mm thick)(.0090in thick)

Endorser: Programmable inkjet, before or after image scan, 12 dots/ch height.True Type Fonts support for multiple fonts and languages; supports graphical BMP printing
Estimated Yield: 5-7M characters
Cartridge: Hewlett Packard C6602A

In-Line MICR Recognition: In-line MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) for E13B (North America) and CMC7 (Europe) Optical Character Recognition to enhance Magnetic Read Industry Best MICR Read Rate

Transport Speed: 19.7″ (50 cm) per second. Up to 30 DPM

Scanning Performance: The typical scan speed is just over one second per 6” document Depending upon the PC speed and using the recommended USB 2.0 connection, an operator could feed 6” checks at almost 30 DPM

Standard Interface: Standard USB 2.0 (recommended). Compatible with USB1.1 with performance limitations

Scan modes: Scan and Return, Exception Pass Through

Supported Compression

JPEG (24 bit for color, and 8 bit for grayscale)
BMP (24 bit for color, and 4 and 8 bit for grayscale)
Tiff Group 4 B/W

Image Resolution Optical

300×300 dpi – 8 bit Grayscale
300×100 dpi – 24 bit Color

Image Resolution by Software Scaling

240×240 (Scan at 300 dpi and scaling down to 240)
200×200 (Scan at 300 dpi and scaling down to 200)
120×120 (Scan at 300 dpi and scaling down to 120)
100×100 (Scan at 300 dpi and scaling down to 100)

Scanning Method: Concurrent two-sided duplex CIS
Image Creation: 2 x 1275 cell, 108mm CIS
Light Source: Tricolor LED


1170 USD

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