LYNX 9500

State of the Art Multi authentication / ID Verification Terminal

● Support Contact, Contactless , MSR
● Wide 5” TFT LCD
● Capacitive Touch Panel for Signature
● Certified with PCI PTS v5.x
● Various Option for the flexible system

LYNX-9500 is th e Multi ID-authentication terminal that supports every authentications service with ID verification from the contact card, Live finger scanner , the contactless card, MSR and the electronic signature & PIN to the video file play as well as MOC , MOD and MOS.

i s th e Multi authentication / ID Verification terminal that supports every authentications service from the contact card, the contactless card, MSR and the electronic signature & PIN to the video file play

LYNX-9500 ensures the secure authentication / ID Verification transaction and the protection of the cardholder’s sensitive information with the newest PCI PTS v5.x certification

LYNX-9500 provides various communication Interfaces and options for the flexible authentication / ID Verification system

Integrated Support for the Various authentication / ID Verification Method High Security authentication / ID Verification Transaction
LYNX 9500 supports the various authentication / ID Verification with Contact /Contactless Card, Magnetic Stripe Card and Mobile phone etc.
LYNX 9500 supports the Contact Card standard ISO7816 and EMVL1 EMV L2 certification
LYNX 9500 supports Contactless Card of ISO14443 A,B Card/Mifare Sony Felica and NFC standard ISO18092 for the authentication / ID Verification with the contactless card and Smart phone application.
Various external I/F for the expandability
LYNX 9500 is equipped with 2 Serial port, 1USB Client port, 1USB Host port and Ethernet port for the various environment.
Various Options for the Flexible authentication / ID Verification system
LYNX 9500 provides various options for the flexible system
– 1D/2D scanner(Camera type)
– Finger Print scanner
– Receipt printer
For the Global security standard, LYNX 9500 has acquired the newest PCI PTS 5.x certification.
High reliability and Excellent durability
With LYNX 9500, the capacitive touch panel is applied to eliminate the touch panel failures resulted from the foreign substances infiltration.
LYNX 9500 realizes the splash proof so that it deletes the possible failure factors at the field more and more.
Innovative Design
LYNX 9500 series throws the conventional rectangular shape to the winds and adopt the innovatively thin and slim desgi n.
With the wide 5 inch TFT color display, it can play the video files so that the various commercial movie and the information guide motion picture is enabled to maximize both the customer convenience and the luxury style of the stores.

Processor Main: Cortex-A7 core, 528Mhz
Secure: Cortex M3, 108MHz
Memory Flash 256 Mbyte, DDR3 256 Mbyte
OS Linux 4.1
Magnetic Card Bi-direction Track 1&2&3
JIS I , II ( Option )
Contact Card ISO 7816 , Sync, Async cards
EMV Level 1 Certified
Contactless Card Mifare,ISO 14443 Type A ,B
ISO 15693, ISO 18092 (NFC)
SAM Slot 4 SAMs (2 Add. SAM slot Option)
Serial RS-232C X 2 Ch
USB Host X1, Client X1
Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
LED 4 LEDs RF card indicator (Option)
Audio 8Ω Speaker
Audio Jack (Stereo, No mic)
Display 5 “ 800 X 480 TFT Color LCD
Physical Keypad 13 keys (Key backlight support)
Dimension 161.2 mm X 203.9 mm X 47.2 mm
Camera (Option)
Microphone (Option)
Operating Temp 0°C ~ 50°C / 32°F ~ 122°F
Storage Temp -20°C ~ 60°C / -4°F ~ 140°F
Humidity 5%~95% relative humidity
Power Supply DC 9V /1A – DC 12V /3A (Printer option)
Touch  Capacitive Touch Panel
External Memory  micro SD Memory Card
1D/2D Scanner  5.0M pixel
Finger Print Scanner  Spatial Resolution: 508DPi
Receipt Printer 2 Inch Thermal