TS240 Teller Scan

The TS240 is the 5th generation scanner from Digital Check. This feature-rich scanner is the result of years of experience and close relations with our customers. The TS240 delivers greater performance than previous models and is easier to deploy and maintain than any other desktop scanner.

The TS240 is pre-assembled for faster installations in either a bank teller or RDC environment. To reduce operator intervention we increased the size of the feeder and redesigned the covers to reduce the chances of dirt and foreign items from entering the track. The TS240 was designed with a concern for the environment and the rising cost of energy; the scanner automatically shuts down when the host PC is turned into the scanner to allow users and help desk personnel to quickly isolate problems. The new cameras hold the checks away from the camera lens, so dirt won’t build up and operators won’t have to clean them as often. Images are captured in full color under white balanced light to maximize image quality and make the pastel colors of gel pen readable.

Unit Size:

Height: 7.50” (19.05 cm)
Depth: 5.10” (12.95 cm)
Length: 11.10” (28.19 cm)
Weight: 5.20 lbs. (2.40 kg)

Paper Size: (Up to UNI A6)
Document Height: 2.12” – 4.13” (54 – 105 mm)
Document Length: 3.19” – 8.98” (81 – 228 mm)
Document Weight: 16 – 28 lb. bond (60 – 105 gsm)
Document Thickness: 0.0032” – 0.0058” (0.081 – 0.147 mm)

Printer: Programmable, single line inkjet printer with user replaceable cartridge

Document Capacity:

Entry Pocket: 100 documents
Exit Pocket: 100 documents

Franker: User replaceable red ink stamp

In-Line MICR Recognition:(Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) for E13B (North America) and CMC7 (Europe) Optical Character Recognition to enhance MICR Read, further enhanced using DCC’s Best Read™ API function

Transport Speed: 19.69 inches per second (50 cm)


TS240-50 / 50 documents per minute
TS240-75 / 75 documents per minute
TS240-100 / 100 documents per minute

Standard Interface: Standard USB 2.0

Scan Modes: Item or Batch

Supported Compression:

JPEG (24 bit color, 8 bit Grayscale)
BMP (24 bit color, 4 or 8 bit Grayscale)
TIFF Group 4 B/W

Image Resolution Optical:

300 x 300 dpi – 8 bit Grayscale
300 x 300 dpi – 24 bit Color
Image Resolution by Software Scaling:
240 x 240 (Scan at 300 dpi and scaling down to 240)
200 x 200 (Scan at 300 dpi and scaling down to 200)
120 x 120 (Scan at 300 dpi and scaling down to 120)
100 x 100 (Scan at 300 dpi and scaling down to 100)


1334 USD

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